Live Ventures Incorporated

Live Ventures Incorporated is a Diversified Holding Company with a strategic focus on acquiring U.S.-based middle market growth companies.

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Live Ventures Incorporated (Nasdaq: LIVE) (“Live Ventures”) is a growing, diversified holding company with a strategic focus on value-oriented acquisitions of domestic middle-market companies. Live Ventures’ acquisition strategy is sector agnostic and focuses on well-run, closely held businesses with a demonstrated track record of earnings growth and cash flow generation.

Live Ventures looks for opportunities to partner with the management teams of its acquired businesses to build increased shareholder value through a disciplined buy-build-hold long-term focused strategy. From the moment Live Ventures takes ownership, it looks for opportunities to invest in the acquired entity to drive growth and increase shareholder value.

Live Ventures was founded in 1968. In late 2011 Jon Isaac, CEO and strategic investor, joined the Board of Directors and later refocused it into a diversified holding company. Its current portfolio of diversified operating subsidiaries includes companies in the textile, flooring, tools, steel, entertainment, and financial services industries.

For the year ended September 30, 2022, revenues were $287 million and adjusted EBITDA was $38 million. As of September 30, 2022, the company had total assets of $279 million and shareholders’ equity of $97 million.

Live Ventures Investor Relations Fact Sheet


Originally Incorporated as Nuclear Corporation of New Mexico

Company becomes, the first company to take the Yellow Pages online


2008 is sold to AT&T, and the company changes its name to LiveDeal Inc.

After years of failed starts, the company nears bankruptcy and faces delisting from Nasdaq


Q4 2011

Jon Isaac, through his private entity Isaac Capital Group makes an equity investment in LiveDeal, making him the largest stockholder

Jon Isaac appointed CEO



Repositioned as a diversified holding company with a strategic focus on value-oriented acquisitions of domestic middle-market companies. Changes its name to Live Ventures Incorporated

Acquires Marquis Industries, Inc. for $30 million



Acquires Vintage Stock, Inc for $60 million

Acquires Precision Industries, Inc. for $31.5 million



Acquires The Kinetic Co., Inc. for $26 million

Acquires Flooring Liquidators, for $84 million



LIVE celebrates 15 years listed on the Nasdaq

· Our Companies ·
  • Operating one of the most advanced carpet mills in the industry, Marquis Industries designs, manufactures, sources and distributes both hard and soft floor covering for the residential and commercial markets. From yarn extrusion to final product, Marquis Industries provides quality control through four wholly owned U.S. facilities.

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  • Vintage Stock, an award-winning entertainment retailer, sells new and pre-owned movies, classic and current generation video games and systems, music on CD & LP, collectible comics, books, toys, and more. Vintage Stock, through its stores and website, ships product worldwide directly to the customer's doorstep.

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  • Precision Marshall Steel Company’s primary mission is to provide higher value in the products and services we provide than can be found from our competitors. When it comes to meeting and exceeding your service and product quality needs, our goal is to maintain our devotion to continuous improvement in all elements of our business.

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  • California-based Flooring Liquidators provides floor, cabinets, countertops, and installation services in California and Nevada, operating 20 warehouse-format stores and a design center. Flooring Liquidators serves retail and builder customers through three businesses: Flooring Liquidators retail stores, Elite Builder Services, Inc., and 7 Day Stone, Inc.

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· What We Buy ·

We have simple criteria for acquisition. Please contact us if you believe your company is a good candidate for our family of companies.

  • Target companies with annual earnings between $5 and $50 million
  • Closely held or family-founded businesses with a strong culture and management team that is looking to continue operating the business
  • Companies with a defensible market position and track record of stable earnings and cash flow
  • Companies in need of new ownership and outside capital to support growth, both organically and through acquisitions

Your information will be kept strictly confidential and we are open to signing non-disclosure agreements.